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Lawyer Thomas Panicker Palavilayil

What are the cornerstones of one’s success in life? If you ask Advocate Thomas Panicker, one of the leading lawyer in Kuwait, he has a simple answer. “Faith, positive thinking, positive approach, civilized nature, secular mind, ethically strong life, hard work and of course the blessings of parents and teachers.”

Even when he conquered new heights and established his identity as a famed lawyer, his upbringing and faith made him humbler.

Born at Chittacode near Ezhukone in Kollam District of Kerala in an Orthodox Christian family of great tradition, as the son of  Late Palavilayil P.C. Oommen Panicker and Kandathil Kocheliyamma, Thomas had a great upbringing that instilled certain values of life.

Lawyer and Legal Advisor

As you all probably know, he was born in a family of royalty – Panicker Family –  it simply means – character, courage, steadfastness, determination, persistence and love to do good to all.

Advocate Thomas Panicker Palavilayil  with
Lawyer Dawood Sulaiman Amer Nouri


20+ Years

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Did he live up to that – leave it up to God to judge? I was born in a great and famous family with centuries of history – whether as a Kshatriya (this is the ruling caste) family going back to the recorded history of Emperor Ashoka (304 BC – 232 BC). This is the time, we left the northern part of India to escape from conversion to Buddhism. We came to the South East part of India to be converted to Christianity by St. Thomas, the disciple of Christ. As such our narrated history of the family goes as Christians goes to 52 AD. The recorded history traced back to 352 AD as Christians. We served kings till my grandfather’s time. Forefathers used to train the Army of Kings.

Panicker is the surname bestowed upon the family by the Ancient Rulers for exemplary services to the Nation.

A student with a positive attitude, Thomas had his schooling at Irumpanangadu High School. After his graduation from S.N. College, Kollam in 1977, Thomas relocated to Bhopal, where he completed his M.A. from Hamidia College and L.L.B. from Saifia College. Immediately after that, he cleared the Banking Service Competitive Examination and joined Punjab National Bank in 1980, where he continued for four years and later enrolled as a Lawyer with the Bar Council of India.


It was around this time that he had the feeling that a better future awaited him somewhere, and that exploration ended in 1984, when he landed in Kuwait.


A professional Lawyer with specialization in International Law, and also sound experience in the Legal Profession, Tendering, Contracts, Administration, Claims and Finance Industry, he got associated with many reputed Law Firms in Kuwait. Over the years, he has also worked as Chief Contract Administrator and Internal Auditor in leading Banks in Kuwait, such as Burgan Bank, Kuwait International Bank and Commercial Bank, apart from functioning as Lawyer / Legal Advisor with leading law firms in Kuwait. Further, he also worked as “Senior Tender & Contracts Specialist”, with Al-Khafji Joint Operations, Al-Khafji, Saudi Arabia in the Tender and Contracts Department.


While working in Kuwait, he came into contact with many Lawyers from India working in Kuwait, and he felt the requirement for a platform to bring them together. That was how, in 1988, he took the initiative to form an association, Law Graduates’ Forum Kuwait, with the active participation of Indian Lawyers and Law Graduates working in Kuwait. However, the Kuwait war affected its functioning for few years, and it was restructured in 1994, as ‘The Indian Lawyers’ Forum Kuwait, and Panicker was named as its President. Though every year elections are held democratically, he is continuously elected as its President.


As President of this forum, he gets the opportunities to help the local Indians, and it gets legal inquiries from the needy Indians, who are facing legal problems in Kuwait, as well as in India. As of now, the forum has over 120 Lawyers as members.


Apart from this, currently he is the President of World Malayalee Council and Kuwait Provincial Council. Over the years, he has served as the Patron of the Kuwait Committee of  ‘Pravasi Deseeya Vedi’, an association of the Keralites, associated with the Congress Party, Advisory Bboard of Ananthapuri Association and Kollam Pravasi Association.


Currently he is practicing as a Lawyer and also associated as partner Lawyer with M/s. DAR NOURI GROUP ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANTS in Mangaf, Kuwait, the leading law firm of Lawyer Dawoud Sulaiman Amer Nouri.


Firm is a Registered Legal Group in Mangaf, Kuwait with KUWAITI & INDIAN Experienced LAWYERS.


We Provide


Family cases, Labor cases, Indemnity cases, Release related cases, Civil law, Commercial law, Administrative law, Governmental & Private Contracts and Criminal law.

Criminal Cases, especially cases related to illegal drinking of liquor and usage of prohibited items in Kuwait.

Drafting various types of Contracts, Claims and any type of Correspondences or Legal documents.


  • Filing lawsuits on behalf of the client.
  • Drafting legal memorandums & pleadings in legal cases & claims.
  • Representing the client before the court in all cases filed by or against the client.

“Whatever, little I have achieved in Kuwait, I owe it to my job in the banks and as Lawyer and Legal Advisor with various firms in Kuwait and also as Senior Tender and Contracts Specialist with KJO Joint venture between ARAMCO and KGOC” says the Lawyer with a humanitarian vision. The banking job gave him the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all parts of the world, which broadened his outlook, which in turn made him a more better human being.

His wife Sujan Thomas Panicker worked in United Arab Shipping Co., Kuwait, and she is a great support for him in his endeavors. Sujan Thomas is also an expert cook and she has won prizes in many cooking competitions, and also serves as a judge in cooking competitions. The couple is blessed with two sons – Sujit Thomas Panicker (Mechanical Engineer, Kuwait) and Sunit Thomas Panicker (Post Graduate and MBA, working with Accenture USA, from Bangalore).